Photo by Scott Umstattd on Unsplash

Here are some resources I like

For all things yeast, I'm pretty brand loyal to Red Star Yeast and their website is chock full of great recipes and techniques for yeasted dough. They're also a great resource for tips on how to store your yeast and how long you can expect it to stay active and vital.

I'm very much a student of sourdough as is anybody who throws him or herself into that realm. No one can master it and everybody's always improving. The online world of sourdough bakers is a wonderland of inspiration and encouragement and I enjoy reading about it as much as I enjoy baking with my sourdough starter. The Perfect Loaf is a great place to while away some time on the topic.

Breadtopia is a great resource for inspiration as well as gear for a well-outfitted baker's kitchen.

In the last couple of years my love of bread baking has drawn me into the murky world of cheese making. New England Cheesemaking Supply is where I get my cultures, rennet and gear.