Baking classes in March and April

My favorite thing in life is to feed the people I love with food I made. There's something very primal about it and it touches a part of me nothing else comes close to touching. I think my second favorite thing in life is to teach other people how to do cook for and feed the people they love.

Cooking at home fosters togetherness, it makes for better diets and nutrition, and it's a direct and definitive NO to a culture that's tell you that you're too busy to cook and that buying junk is a better alternative. I cook from scratch and teach other people to do the same in order to make people happier and healthier and at the same time connect with and preserve traditional ways to eat. I care far more about the effort I put into the process than I do about the finished products. Those finished products are the result of my efforts but it's the effort that gives my life meaning.

I was around 20 years old when I started to bake bread. I was armed with a hippy cookbook and…

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