Baking classes in March and April

Photo by  Scott Umstattd  on  Unsplash Given the state of the world and as part of my efforts to lessen my impact on the spread of this virus, I'm suspending my cooking and baking classes until further notice. Of course, this is not a fun decision to make but in the big scheme of things, this is minor. In the meantime, please keep yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy. Get information about the pandemic from trusted and trustworthy sources like the CDC and your local state and city government. Thank you and I hope to see you on the other side of this. My favorite thing in life is to feed the people I love with food I made. There's something very primal about it and it touches a part of me nothing else comes close to touching. I think my second favorite thing in life is to teach other people how to do cook for and feed the people they love. Cooking at home fosters togetherness, it makes for better diets and nutrition, and it's a direct and definitive NO to a

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