Your measuring cups are lying to you. Weigh your ingredients in grams!

via Some years ago I was Zaragoza, the capital of Aragon in Spain, and I was having a deep conversation with a Canadian named Ryan about the metric system. Spain and travel make for curious conversations but there we were. I was trying to wrap my head around Celsius when Ryan launched into a sermon on the superiority of the metric system. He stated that a liter of water weighs a kilogram and the logic of metric hit me like a truck. That the metric system works on multiples of ten is cool enough but that fact that all of those measurements are related in a physical way really made sense to me. Upon my return to the US I reverted to my usual American self only with a new appreciation for and understanding of the method the rest of the world measures things. Some time after that conversation in lovely Aragon I was in a cooking class in northern Germany and I was learning how to make a variety of German pastries. All of the recipe notes I was following called for grams and millilit

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