Photo by Max Delsid on Unsplash

Classic baguettes
This is the baguette recipe I've been working on for the last couple of years. It started with a bread baking class I took in Paris and I've refined and "Americanized" it since. This is the baguette I teach in my baguette classes.

Pita is about the only bread I know that can be whipped up in an hour. No lie. The only way to get a pocket in a pita is to bake them but I think they taste better when they're grilled on a griddle or in a skillet.

This brioche is the basis for everything from braided Challah to cinnamon rolls. It's also the basis for croissants.

An absurdly complicated and time consumer process I take on from time to time if only for bragging rights.

Red lentil soup with tomato, lemon and cumin
This started out as a recipe I read in the NY Times Food Section and it's since taken on a life of its own and become mine all mine.

Winter vegetable soup
This is a soup I served at one of my first baguette classes and everybody wanted the recipe. Here it is.

Asparagus gremolata
This is another of my standbys that started out as a Times recipe. Ive altered it so much in the years since that I don't hesitate to call it mine.

Best-ever pizza dough
Jim Lahey's pizza perfection if you ask me.

Glorious pizza sauce
This is my chunky and dense pizza sauce.

Home oven pizza
Putting it all together my way.

A wet mess makes for an amazing adventure.

Hand-cut fettuccine with lamb ragù
Making your own pasta is a snap (sort of) and a good lamb Hand-cut fettuccine with lamb ragù will make you swear off anything that comes in a jar.

Greek fava
Fava, in Greece, has nothing to with fava beans. Or chianti for that matter.