Shopping links

Photo by Kelli McClintock on Unsplash

Here are some shopping links for stuff I use and recommend. Just click on the images and you get your own on Amazon.

Amazon Basic silicone baking mats. These things are terrific, last through years of my heavy use and spare me the aggravation of having to deal with rolls of baking parchment that won't lie flat when I need them to.

This is the USA Pan Baguette Pan I use. I like it because it's made from alumized steel. That's steel with an aluminum coating. The steel gives this pan strength and the aluminum regulates the temperature so that nothing burns. It's a win win but never put one of these babies in the dishwasher.

I use this wood-handled aluminum Pizza Peel for getting pizzas in and out of the oven and it's also a godsend for bread baking.

If you're serious about baking in particular and cooking in general, you will need to buy a digital kitchen scale. If you want to follow along at home with the recipes I publish here you'll need one because my recipes always require weighed ingredients. Here's the scale I have and use every day.